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English version below

Version Française

WP Drag to Share eXtended est comme son nom l’indique un plugin qui permet à vos lecteurs de partager une page de votre blog (via les images de vos articles) sur les réseaux sociaux comme Twitter & Facebook mais aussi sur votre outil de bookmark préféré : Delicious.

Le Drag to Share a fait son apparition sur les blogs TechCrunch et Mashable (entre autre) qui testent la toolbar Meebo qui est malheureusement toujours en béta. Frustré de ne pas pouvoir l’utiliser, nous avons décidé d’en faire un plugin suite à l’excellent tutoriel proposé par Nettuts. Ce plugin s’adresse également aux blogueurs WordPress qui ne veulent pas s’encombrer d’une toolbar.

Tester le plugin

Image 40 Plugin Wordpress Drag to Share eXtended

drag to share 620x416 Plugin Wordpress Drag to Share eXtended

Installation :

  1. Téléchargez le plugin WP Drag To Share eXtended
  2. Uploadez le dossier du plugin dans le répertoire wp-content/plugin de votre blog
  3. Activez le dans l’administration de WordPress

Usage :

Un panneau de configuration vous permet de changer le message qui apparait dans la bulle d’information. De nombreuses améliorations/customisations sont prévues, si vous avez des idées n’hésitez pas à les soumettre dans les commentaires

Image 38 620x227 Plugin Wordpress Drag to Share eXtended

Traduction :

Le plugin est en anglais par défaut (normal) mais une version française est disponible grâce au fichier de traduction. N’hésitez pas à nous contacter si vous souhaitez proposer une traduction dans une autre langue.

A venir :

  • Personnalisation de vos réseaux sociaux
  • Permettre aux visiteurs de personnaliser le message de partage
  • Personnalisation de l’apparence (thèmes)
  • Et encore bien d’autres fonctionnalités…

English version

WP Drag to Share eXtended is a wordpress plugin that allow to your readers to share one of your blog’s pages (through your article’s images) on the social networks sites such as Twitter and Facebook but also on Delicious.

The ‘drag to share’ feature appeared on TechCrunch’s blog and Mashable (amongst others), who are currently testing the Meebo toolbar (in beta version).
Frustrated to be unable to use it too, we decided to make our own wordpress plugin. We relied on the brilliant Nettuts tutorial.

This plugin is also meant to serve wordpress bloggers who don’t give a damn about toolbars.

Try out the plugin

Image 40 Plugin Wordpress Drag to Share eXtended

drag to share 620x416 Plugin Wordpress Drag to Share eXtended


Download the plugin WP Drag to Share Extended.Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.


An options panels allow you to customize the text displayed in the tooltips and under the socials icons.


The plugin default language is english, but a translation file is also available, we already did the french translation… coz we are french :)  Don’t be affraid to send us your own language translation file, we’ll include it right into the plugin.

More to come

  • Customize your social network
  • Allow your visitor to customize their message
  • Customize the look-and-feel with themes !
  • … and lot more features !

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267 Comments → “Plugin WordPress Drag to Share eXtended”

  1. JOE

    4 years ago

    Merci, c’est très innovant !

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  3. Ki

    4 years ago

    Hey, does this automatically add the drag to share functionality to all pictures on the site. I can’t seem to get it to work on my site.

  4. Romain

    4 years ago

    Yes, you just have to activate the plugin ;-)

  5. Ki

    4 years ago


    Ok is to be working now. Not sure why it wasn’t before. Anywho, very cool plugin. Was wondering if there was a way to change the traget url that is used for the dragged picture.

    You see on my blog I show everything in the main index page (full posts and retractable comments) this means that most readers don’t actually click into the posts own page. This creates a problem when using the drag to share as whenever you drag a picture the target url is always the root instead of the actual post that the person is trying to share.

    Any help would be awesome. And keep up the good work.

  6. Necrokeeper

    4 years ago

    Hey Ki,

    Thank you for your (relevant) feedback !
    Actually, the plugin only share the url displayed in your browser for the current page.

    BTW, we’ll add the feature you’re talking on the next version (probably in few weeks from now on).

    Stay tuned ! ^__^

  7. LaurentB

    4 years ago

    J’avais repéré cette fonctionnalité sur Mashable.
    Merci d’avoir permis l’install directe via plugin.
    C’est en place chez moi.

  8. SocialBlogr

    4 years ago

    Hi, i’ve tried your plugins, but can you add url shortener service to your plugin? Because it’s too long if using the original url.

    Thanks. Cheers!

  9. Necrokeeper

    4 years ago

    Hey SocialBlogr!

    This feature is available on the latest release of the plugin (1.07).
    You just have to upgrade the plugin from your WordPress Admin Panel.

  10. SocialBlogr

    4 years ago

    Ok, I will upgrade your plugin.. Nice work. ;P

  11. Thomas

    4 years ago

    Hey there. thanks for sharing this plugin.
    Im from germany and got issues with the new and very much welcomed url shortening for twitter. every german umlaut is killing the url-
    for example: if a post is called « ich mag kinder mögen » all i got in twitter is « ich mag kinder m ». Any way to make this properly work?

  12. Andi

    4 years ago

    Thanks for your amazing plugin. Really plays nicely with my blog, the only problem i have is that its not working with safari. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks,


  13. Necrokeeper

    4 years ago

    Hey Thomas & Andi, Welcome here.

    We’re going to check those issues within this week.
    An update will be available soon.

    Thanks for helping us.

  14. Necrokeeper

    4 years ago

    @Thomas :
    Can you show me an example, I tried to reproduce your issue but everything go fine for me, the link with a umlaut in it is working well.

    Maybe it come from your permalink structure ? Please send me your blog URL.


  15. Arkid Mitra

    4 years ago


    It doesnot seem to work for me at Can you tell me a possible reason.

  16. Necrokeeper

    4 years ago

    @Andi : The issue is fixed for Safari.

    @Arkid Mitra : Another plugin is causing javascript errors, it seems to be the Digg button at the top of your posts, see your html source (arround line 130 for this post :

    This part is causing problem :
    digg_bodytext = ‘Google is trying to close in on Microsoft\’s bread and butter (Google\’s Chrome OS has been the talking point for quite some time now). Microsoft is not be left behind with Bing making it\’s mark in the search space at-least in some niche areas.

    Related posts: …’;

    Coz in javascript, you can’t declare string variables on several lines, the very problem here is the empty line between « areas. » and « Related posts:… »

    2 options for you :
    - Disabling the digg plugin.
    - Try to fix the line returning between those 2 words.

    Should work fine.

    I hope my answer is clear enough… good luck ;)

  17. Andi

    4 years ago

    @Necrokeeper: Great support, didnt expect an solution this fast. Thank you very much. Keep up the good work you are doing with your plugin!

  18. Andi

    4 years ago

    Sorry to bother you again, but seems like its not working with my blog. ( Works well in Firefox, but not in Safari. I had all my plugins deactivated but still no luck. The test blog you adress to works well with safari, though.

  19. Dwergs

    4 years ago

    I get the following two errors after activating it:

    - Expected identifier in http://*****/wp-content/plugins/wp-dragtoshare-extended/js/wp-dragtoshare-extended.js?ver=1.0

    - ‘dtsv’ is undefined

  20. Necrokeeper

    4 years ago

    Hey Andi !

    I fixed the Safari (Mac) issue. On the windows version of Safari everything was fine… quite weird.

    Anyway, the plugin should be OK on Safari, Chrome, Firefox and IE now.

    The new version (1.1) is available on

    Have fun ;)

  21. Andi

    4 years ago


    thanks a bunch, working like a charm now. Also checked it with Opera browser and there it works flawless, too.

  22. Maison ou bureau

    4 years ago

    Bonsoir ,

    L’installation s’est bien passé , mais au moment de vérif le rendu …

    Cata : wp-content/plugins/wp-dragtoshare-extended/lib/dtse.functions.php on line 73

    Et la je ne sais pas quoi faire pour qu’il puisse fonctionner sur le blog

    Donc je vais le désactiver pour l’instant pour le bon fonctionnement du blog , mais ce serai interessant qu’il fonctionne

    Merci , si vous pouvez m’amener un peu d’aide !!


  23. Necrokeeper

    4 years ago

    @Maison ou bureau :

    Bonjour, le problème viens de votre version de PHP (PHP4).
    A la ligne 73 du fichier, il y a une fonction (str_ireplace) qui ne fonctionne qu’en PHP5.

    Pour rendre le plugin compatible PHP4 il suffit de remplacer « str_ireplace » par « str_replace » (un i en moins).

    Une mise à jour sera bientôt disponible sur, mais vous pouvez apporter cette correction vous même dans le fichier wp-content/plugins/wp-dragtoshare-extended/lib/dtse.functions.php

    Merci de nous avoir remonté ce genre de problème, cela améliore la qualité et la compatibilité du plugin.

  24. Maison ou bureau

    4 years ago


    Avec plaisir , ça nous aide aussi à nous , donc c’est toujours un plaisir de partager mon experience

    Merci à vous !


  25. Maison ou bureau

    4 years ago


    Je viens de faire la modification et ça marche super bien

    Merci de votre aide et du plugin excellentissime !

  26. Maison ou bureau

    4 years ago



    Bon en fait j’ai un nouveau souci , tout fonctionne sauf

    Quand je vais dans un post , en fin de post il y a écrit ça !

    wp-content/plugins/wp-dragtoshare-extended/lib/dtse.functions.php on line 88

    Merci de votre aide !

  27. Maison ou bureau

    4 years ago

    En fait il fallait faire comme pour la ligne 73

    Pour rendre le plugin compatible PHP4 il suffit de remplacer « str_ireplace » par « str_replace » (un i en moins).

    Et ça marche nickel

  28. Jay

    4 years ago


    Your plugin isnt working on my site at all :( really like it and would be perfect for me. ANy help is much appreciated.


  29. Necrokeeper

    4 years ago


    Hi there, I just looked at your site, another plugin seems to make trouble on your site : flightbox.

    Try disabling it temporary to see if our plugin works fine without flightbox.

    Other problems I noticed :

    At the bottom of your home page source code this statement appears twice :

    jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery(«,, »).flightbox();

    The problem may come from this too.

  30. Jay

    4 years ago


    I deactivated those plugins and deleted those jquerys at the bottom but still not working :( lol its so frustrating…!


  31. Ravin

    4 years ago

    The plugin is working fire when sharing via Facebook or Delicious but with Twitter is does not take the correct permalink.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  32. Sakimichi

    4 years ago

    Can you make the fade in effect a bit’s too slow in my opinion D: Visitors would end up not getting interested in sharing at all D: Very cool plug-in btw :D

  33. tim

    4 years ago

    I’m having the same issue as Ravin – The twitter link seems to not take correctly.

  34. Necrokeeper

    4 years ago

    Hi !

    For a weird reason, the plugin do not add a proper class to your posts’ images… Do pictures displayed belongs to your post body ? or do you fill up a custom field while posting a new article ?

    @Tim : The problem come from the specials HTML characters in your post title, the plugin properly works here :
    I’ll try to fix this soon !

    @Sakimichi, I’ll take a look at this for the next release, to find the right speed.

    Thx all !

  35. jay

    4 years ago


    Just wondering if you can help with my blog as i still cannot get it to work.



  36. DJ Rg

    4 years ago

    Hi ..I installed the Drag Plugin and when i drag on an image and try to send it to twitter ..twiiter says the page doesnt exist?

    what could be wrong?

  37. Necrokeeper

    4 years ago

    Hi Jay,
    You’re using lot of javascript framework on your blog (prototype+scriptaculous+jquery)… I guess this is too much for any browser.

    I’ll try to add some compatibilty fixes… nevertheless I can’t assure you it will fixe your problem.

  38. Necrokeeper

    4 years ago

    Hey all :

    I just updated the plugin from your feedbacks (version 1.12 so far).

    Sakimichi : Speed is now at 1200ms for the tooltips fade-in.

    Tim : HTML entities shouldn’t bother you any more.

    Jay : I added the compatibility fixes to the javascript code, please tell me if everything’s fine now.

    Have fun ;)

  39. Jay

    4 years ago

    Hi mate,

    Thanks for your replies bro.

    Its not worked im afraid :( Such a shame. May be a bit of an odd request but what java would you suggest i remove to try? Some i prob dont even use.


  40. Ravin

    4 years ago

    Just updated the plugin but I am afraid it still gives me the same error.

    I would suggest visit and try sharing via ‘Twitter’

    The URL it takes is very weird.

  41. tim

    4 years ago

    Now I have an exciting error on my page from the the drag to share. LOL. Should I not have updated it yet?

  42. tim

    4 years ago

    please take a look at my site…the errors are on my homepage. <3

  43. tim

    4 years ago

    is it a PHP5 issue? What do I do to correct this?

  44. Necrokeeper

    4 years ago

    Hey Tim,

    Sorry for this, but this is not a bug in my plugin but a bug in PHP 4 itself.

    What you can try :

    1/ See how to enable PHP5 on your hosting (you seem to be on PHP4)

    2/ Try to disable errors displaying by adding this to you wp-config.php :
    ini_set(‘display_errors’, 1);

    3/ Comment these line in my plugin in file lib/dtse.functions.php at line 119
    just comment the line by adding 2 slashes :
    //$title = html_entity_decode($title, ENT_QUOTES, get_bloginfo(‘charset’));

    Apply one of these… not all 3 (even if #1 & #2 can be combined) !

    best is #1
    #2 is hiding the « shit »
    #3 is disabling the html entities cleaning that your host cannot handle.

    Anyway that’s only a warning message so it does not crash your blog.

    Hope it’ll help.

  45. Necrokeeper

    4 years ago

    Whoops for #2 the right line is :
    ini_set(’display_errors’, 0);

  46. Necrokeeper

    4 years ago

    @Ravin :
    Try to enable the share permalink features in plugin admin panel, it should fix this… quite weird indeed.

  47. Ravin

    4 years ago


    Enabled ‘share permalink’ feature but, still the same issue.

    Thanks for the support.

  48. Tim

    4 years ago

    Okay, thanks.
    I just created an .htaccess file

    added « AddType x-mapp-php5 .php »

    seems to be working fine now.

    Sorry to bother you..I should of made sure I was using PHP5 first. HA!

  49. Craig

    4 years ago

    Plugin seems to be working well for me, but I have a problem and a request:

    1. The plugin is breaking my css commands to float left and right, making for very messy blog posts! Any ideas for a solution?

    2. I’d love to be able to use this on my post thumbnails, which are outside of the_content. Is this possible? Some php to chuck in the theme?

    Site I’m using the plugin on is I’ll leave the plugin working overnight (for me) to see if anyone can diagnose issue (1). Thanks in advance.

  50. Kevin

    4 years ago

    Bonjour et merci pour partager ce plug-in.

    however, i am having some trouble running it. once activated, i get the following at the begining of all my posts.

    Warning: cannot yet handle MBCS in html_entity_decode()! in /home/fungk0/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-dragtoshare-extended/lib/dtse.functions.php on line 119

  51. Kevin

    4 years ago

    I love your WordPress drag to share plugin. Is there an option to open the sharing window in a new window instead of in the same window after you drag to a social network? Thanks!

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  53. Martin

    4 years ago

    « Download the plugin WP Drag to Share Extended.Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page. »

    Well, this SOUNDS very simple – but exactly where IS the plugins directory of my WP installation? I’ve searched and searched, but I can’t find any mention of such a thing in my WP dashboard or anywhere else. Nor can I find any mention of a plugin page. Where are these pages??

  54. Necrokeeper

    4 years ago

    Hey Martin, you just have to drop the folder in wp-content/plugins on your server throught FTP then activate the plugin in wordpress admin (extensions).

    Please refer to WordPress official documentation if you are not sure of what you’re doing.

  55. robert

    4 years ago

    nice plugin, i will try this one, thank a loot…

  56. Kevin

    4 years ago

    Is there a css class we can use to turn off the dragtoshare function on individual elements?

  57. Maison ou bureau

    4 years ago


    Je reviens vers vous , un nouveau problème apparait depuis la mise à jour , pour j’ai l’impression que le fichier n’a pas bougé !

    Alors voila , le souci

     » Warning: cannot yet handle MBCS in html_entity_decode()! in /mnt/159/sdb/4/f/maisonoubureau/wp-content/plugins/wp-dragtoshare-extended/lib/dtse.functions.php on line 127  »

    Je vous remercie d’avance de votre réponse et vous souhaite une tres bonne année 2010

    Happy new year !

  58. Anh dep

    4 years ago

    Cool plugin. I want to have 1 more option: the target of the share link is « _blank », not « _top », how can I modify the code to do this?

  59. webscient

    4 years ago

    Nice Plugin. :)

  60. justprettygirl

    4 years ago

    Nice work. Will add that in my blog.


  61. Chris

    4 years ago

    Great plugin! A few things however I would like to see changed in upcoming releases.
    1 – The text « Drag To Share » is behind all of my text and pics….maybe because my center column has relative and absolute positioning…however their z-index is below 1000 and I beleive your plugin puts everything at like 99999.

    2 – I would like to see the social sites open in a new window or tab…. after I share a story I have to BACK up to return to the post. Defeats the purpose of making it easy to share with friends.

    Thanks again for a kick ass plugin!


    4 years ago

    Extremely nice read, several great points were made.

  63. Ulitka

    4 years ago

    Оболденно ты придумал, главное что все элементарно.

  64. Ferkinast

    4 years ago

    тематика блога понравилась, буду пользоваться и дальше.

  65. Felipe Dizioli

    4 years ago

    Why this plugin does not work on thumbnails posts? like the CSS GALLERY THEME?

  66. funn2shh

    4 years ago

    This plugin didnt work properly for me. Deactivated it for the mean time
    Got this error
    «  »
    dtsv.dtse_post_880_permalink = ‘IMAGE URL(shows actual data)’;
    dtsv.dtse_post_880_title = ‘IMAGE TITLE(shows actual data)’;
    «  »
    if this makes sense to you and is of any help to you.
    Great plugin, works great on the single post page, but not on the home page. we have opted for option to not to show any image on the home page. and there it shows this error.
    Rest on the post pages, it works flawlessly.

    I hope this might be of some help to you and you get it debugged if there are any bugs.

    Thank You

  67. le motard

    4 years ago

    Intéressant , je vais essayer ca tout de suite merci

  68. TheArchitect

    4 years ago

    Wow! some days ago I used Meebo bar, that’s great, but too heavy to loas the bottom bar. Maybe I should try your plugins buddy. Thanks, nice work!

  69. Charlie Hilton

    4 years ago

    When are you going to make the drop target=’_blank’?

    I have seen a couple of people also ask for it.

  70. fareed

    4 years ago

    thank you great plugin, i love this java

  71. John

    4 years ago

    Merci, ce plugin va m’être très utile.

  72. Sam

    4 years ago


    I love this plugin – I think its one of the coolest ways to share. But I too have an error

    I get the following:

    dtsv.dtse_post_880_permalink = ‘IMAGE URL(shows actual data)’; dtsv.dtse_post_880_title = ‘IMAGE TITLE(shows actual data)’;

    Only on the home page, post pages work beautifully.

    Is there a way that I can turn the plugin off for the home page put keep it functional for all post pages?

    Please help I really want to make this plugin work!

  73. San Francisco Movers

    4 years ago

    I am very much impressed and love those plugin you have posted.

    Thanks for such a great work and i have also bookmarked your site for future reference.

  74. Lode

    4 years ago


    Super plugin, works great. How can I make the Icon URLs open in a new window? Right now I drag the image to an Icon and after the post has been added to that social site I have to reopen my blog in a different tab. Is there a way when dragging the image that it opens the plugin in its own window?


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